Library & Laboratory

Library: We have well equipped central library including reading room and contain more than 200 printed books on different topic of Botany out of more than 14000 books.  Also the department has its own small departmental library of more than 20 books and following the proper way students as well as faculties can use these books when needed. Also we have facility of online access to many scientific e-book and e-journal through INFLIBNET-NLIST.


Laboratory: There is a well equipped laboratory for UG Botany (Programme) course students where experiments on plant physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cytogenetics, Biometry, plant ecology, Taxonomy etc. are carried out. Equipment include Bacteriological incubator, Germinating Chamber, Microscope, Camera Lucida, Electronic balance, Soil testing kit, kits for ecological studies etc. The department also has the learning resources such as charts, reserve specimen, slides, model and modern facilities like computer and internet which helps the students in independent learning. With the help of all these equipments, students are taught to practical work hand in hand. Also there is a small medicinal plant garden in the college campus for students for different types of experimental works.


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