(Infrastructure of the College)

Procedures for Maintaining Campus Facilities:

1. Laboratories: There are 09 laboratories in the College (Botany, Chemistry, Geography, GIS, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, and Zoology). Departments are permitted to engage themselves to maintain the instruments with Stock Register and AMC with specific companies for timely servicing. There are Laboratory Attendants who take care of the laboratories with sincere effort.

2. Library: There is a Central Library and Eight Departmental Libraries. Besides these, there is a Book Bank facility for Geography Department. Library staffs look into the care of Books and Journals.

3. Sports Complex: A playground with a track-and-field, one badminton court, one volleyball court, and one multi-gymnasium are available. College administrators regularly review playgrounds and gyms. Sports Committee and the Department of Physical Education prepared a maintenance schedule gathering the right equipment and keeping the playground and other sports equipment clean and usable.

4. Computers: There are 31 computers and 1 laptop. The Asset Maintenance Committee reviews the status of the equipment on a regular basis. The computers are fixed whenever necessary and the software is upgraded regularly.

5. Classrooms: The classrooms and laboratories were cleaned regularly. The physical infrastructure of the classrooms is maintained/repaired/added by the College authority as and when needed.

6. Canteen: There is a spacious Canteen within the premises of the Institution, offering varieties of food items at a reasonable price.


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