KMMM Alumni (2018-22)

KMMM Alumni was formed on 24th of February 2018 with the approval of College Governing Body. The Governing Body thethen formed a Committee to function and maintain regularity to the benefit of the College. The Main function of the KMMM Alumni will be to focus on: a) Upliftment the quality and standard of the college, b) Social awareness camp to be organisd on various issues, c) Cultural promotion of the locality.

The Members of the First Committee (2018-20) were:

  • 1. Dr. Suvranshu Pan, Teacher-in-Charge, Ex-officio (President)
  • 2. Sri Tapas Banerjee (Vice President)
  • 3. Sri Bangshi Chatterjee (Secretary)
  • 4. Sri Biswajit Das (Joint Secretary)  
  • 5. Sri Prasanta Acharya (Joint Secretary)
  • 6. Sri Sudip Dubey (Treasurer)
  • 7. Sri Nihar Bouri (Cultural Secretary)
  • 8. Sri Koushik Acharya (Member)
  • 9. Sri Sashti Dey (Member)
  • 10. Sri Mrityunjoy Mondal (Member)
  • 11. Sri Sukhdev Beltharia (Member)
  • 12. Sri Chandan Sharma (Member)
  • 13. Sri Ritesh Beltharia (Member)

The Committee organised Online Teachers' Day 2020 for KMMM with SKBU on 05.09.2020 via Google Meet.


KMMM Alumni 2022





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