Photo Gallery

Library Building

Observation of 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita

Sourav Mahato, Dept. of History - Gold Medalist, SKBU, 2020

Webinar & Invited Lectures by Dept. of Economics, 2021

Hool Diwas

Webinar of Dept. of Music, 2021

76th Independence Day

Observation of International Women's Day

Invited Lecture Series by Dept. of Geography, 2021

Annual Sports_2_2022-23.jpeg

Annual Sports_4_2022-23.jpeg

Webinar by Dept. of Sociology, 2021

Convocation_Bhadu Diploma Course_2021

Webinar by Dept. of Chemistry, 2021

Office Room

Programme on Students'Credit under the aegis of GoWB

Annual Sports_3_2022-23.jpeg

Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant Course under Skill India Programme

Green Campus

COVID Relief 2021 - Vaporisers, Thermal guns & Pulse oximeters provided to Kolloli RH, Kashipur

Teachers' Room

Invited Lecture Series by Dept of English, 2021

2017-18 District Level - Football Champion, Best College for Women Athletics & Best Woman Athlete

Inaugural Day of Annual Sports

Photo 3_KMMM_SKBU Inter-Collegiate Football (Women) Champions 2019-20

Seminar Room


Observation of Youth Day 2022 organized by NSS

NSS Programme on Social & Behaviour Change Communication_19.4.22

Blood Safety, Thalassemia & AIDS Awareness Programme by NSS

College Building

Annual Sports 2022-23.jpeg

Jyotsna Mahato - District level Best Athelete, 2017-18

Celebration of Michael Madhusudan Dutta's Birthday

Photo 4_KMMM_ICSSR International Seminar 2020

Meeting Room


Seminar Room 1

University level Kabaddi Tournament (Women's), 2022- Runners-up

Annual Sports_1_2022-23.jpeg

Invited Lecture Series by Dept. of History, 2021

Students' vaccination against Covid under the aegis of GoI & GoWB

Online Lecture Series during the Pandemic

COVID Relief 2020 - food items & sanitizers distributed to nearby villages during the pandemic

Observation of International Mother Language Day

Principal's Room


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